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Rugby on St Patrick’s Day and not an Irishman in sight!

Sorry, Ireland – I do love you, after Scotland and Wales.

Though time has prevented me from posting, as Tallulah Bankhead said, “It’s the good girls who keep diaries, the bad girls don’t have the time.”, I just had to in light of Saturday’s Six Nations Games.

Come on Scotland! Let the Italian’s have the wooden spoon to stir  their pasta with!

…and Wales?


Win of course!

Love Cassie

Your Chester Escort


New Reality Show

We have had Big Brother, the Jungle thing, Dating in the Dark, X-factor, Dancing on Ice and got knows what other Fly on the wall shows – but this one has it all and more – tender moments, violence, fast chases, personal grooming, live births, deaths, performance evaluations and sex, including the first time for two strapping young rams.

What, you wonder is this show that will draw hundreds of people to turn their tellys on at 8pm? Well the new daily aired ‘Lambing Live’ on BBC2.
Yes, we can all tune in to wait and see what sheep farming and especially in the lambing season is all about – from what I saw it was watching ewes eat and sleep, waiting for something to happen – see just like Big Brother, Kate Humble is shearing sheep and Adam Henson is chasing sheep rounding them up for selection for slaughter – challenges, just like jungle and eliminations just like X-factor.

The show is a mixture of clips from the last 6 months and actual live broadcast directly from the lambing sheds in Wales.

I mentioned sex, well, we see how 6 months ago the rams Hercules and Shankly are chosen for tupping and introduced to their harem of 82 ewes.
It was hilarious, when the lads were walked into the field and the first ewe approached them – they both turned tail and ran for it – hehe – even the sheepdog could not stop them. We then observed them lose their virginity and like typical randy males went on to happily servicing everything with four legs and in wooly coat.

Will I be tuning into the next scintillating episode tomorrow night? … hmm… I might have to wash my hair.