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At the end of a perfect day…


There were four things that made my day perfect; a pleasurable time spent with a darling gent, followed by an afternoon basking in the sun, then the orgasmic culinary delight of dressed crab with new potatoes and asparagus and finishing the day off curled up on my sofa with a decaff latte, watching a week’s worth of NCIS and writing this blog entry.

For two of these delights I have to thank ‘A’, obviously for your company and attentions and for my delicious gift.

fresh crabThe crab was divine, I could tell it had been swimming or crawling around the sea only last night and had the misfortune to be netted and prepared by ‘A’ to finally come to rest in my tummy.
Ok, that’s technically not its final resting place – but let’s not go there.

It is just as well I was dragged up proper and forbidden to talk with my mouth full or I would have been almost as vocal in my enjoyment of this meal as I am know to be when showing my appreciation of other sensual pleasures.

Just goes to show not only the way to a man’s heart is his stomach – some women are just as easily won or at least this one is – I’m easy, what’s new?

kissAll joking aside – Thank you ‘A’ for making my day perfect.


Thank you!

Just a quick post to say
lips kiss24to the lovely H for my gorgeous roses.