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Marilyn Monroe eat your heart out

Even as a BBW one likes to keep active and when there isn’t any bed-sport to be had what better way than an early afternoon constitutional.

Despite the grey sky and clouds this morning and being an optimist I donned my summery cotton skirt, a strappy top and sandals and head for the river Dee. Oh and I took my fluffy cardi and a brolly, optimist I may be – stupid I am not!

Initially it was still pleasantly mild and the breeze promised to blow the clouds away as it seemed to have done over the last few days and I was getting into my stride passing through the Grosvenor Park. There was plenty of life going on around me and I love watching people and the squirrels getting up to their antics.

Despite the sky getting darker and the air cooler, I was determined to get my exercise and unperturbed by the elements I headed for the footbridge to cross the Dee.

I always stop in the middle of the bridge to admire the view along the river and as creature of habit I did so today – Folly I hear you shout and rightly so!

bbw like Marilyn monroeNo sooner had I raised my arms to take a picture of the view (Ok, ok, the boats-men of the rowing club, very nice indeed!) there came some gusts of wind and I found my arms and head wrapped in floaty folds of purple and pink cotton.

Surprised (you bet!) I fought for freedom and it dawned on me that this was my skirt and if it was covering my upper half – What was covering my lower half?

Normally I’m not a shrinking violet, but the unexpected exposure had me emerge, what seemed like hours later and with the help of a passer-by, crimson faced and thankful that I had chosen pretty lacy knickers and not the old grey cotton ones. (Vanity, I know!)

I thanked my helper, who turned out to be a nice little old lady (it’s never the tall dark handsome stranger, is it?) who couldn’t resist alerting me to the virtues of wearing an underskirt and hightailed it home, skirt firmly gathered around my thighs.

Bakingfordorie1Did I stop along the way to calm my nerves with a latte and a piece of chocolate fudge cake?

What do you think??


Is it hot enough for you?

It looks like the hot summer we have all been wishing for has arrived or has it?

field2Do you remember the summers when at midday the skies were so blue, the air motionless and you could hear crisp rasp of dry grass under your feet.  All is quiet apart for the odd cricket. The heat of the sun would make your skin feel dry and warm and radiate deep to your core.

Where have those days gone? These days a hot sunny day is always a sticky muggy affair and a thunderstorm is never far away. When they told us 20 years ago that global warming would affect the UK, I welcomed it, unfortunately I missed or possibly consciously blocked out the part about the increase in humidity.

I’m not sure what it is, but I just don’t like to feel sweaty and sticky – at least not without good reason. I mean after a workout, a hot session or the sauna, not a problem, jump in a cool shower and all is well, not so on a muggy day, step out of the shower, towel off and you start dripping again before you can apply moisturiser.

Not really the best likeness, lol

Not really the best likeness, lol

So here I am naked and cross legged on the floor in my lounge, the windows are wide open and the artificial gale force wind blowing my hair all over the place is coming from a 40 inch fan next to me. Oh dear, apart from my hair I must look like some fat, little Buddha.

Hehehe, all I need is someone to worship me and feed me ice-cream.

Oh well, one can dream!