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Sexy Phrase for today

I think hidden underneath

a lot of teachers

are very sexy women.

Andie MacDowell

All of mine hid it well!


Or is this what she is talking about??? ;oP

Love Cassie X


New Sexy Phrase


woman pushes man away

No tonight darling!


My wife is a sex object.

Every time I ask for sex,

she objects.


Never fear, Cassies here!


Sexy Quote thirsty




is like drinking salted water

You drink
And your thirst increases.

Chinese Proverb

I must love being thirsty. Cassie x


Time for another sexy quote

dirty sex

Don't think he meant this?

The psychiatrist asked me
if I thought sex was dirty
and I said,
‘It is
if you’re doing it right.’”

Woody Allen


Sexy Quote of the Week

golf pinup


Golf and sex

are the only things you can enjoy

without being good at them.

Jimmy DeMaret


Sexy Phrase of the Week


lips3Smile… lips3

it’s the second best thing to do with your lips.




Sexy Quote of the Week


It is better to be unfaithful,

than to be faithful without wanting to be.


Brigitte Bardot

Who would argue
with the wisdom of the ultimate sex kitten


Sexy Quote of the Week

450px-Prince_Phillip_of_EdinburghI don’t think a prostitute is more

moral than a wife,

but they are doing the same thing.

Prince Philip,
Duke of Edinburgh

Well what’s good for a prince
can’t be bad for Joe Bloggs

and, god love him, he got something right, hehehe.


Sexy Phrase of the week

“Whoever named it necking was a poor judge of anatomy.”

Groucho Marx



I dunno, it works for me!


Sexy Quote of the Week

I consider sex a misdemeanor,

Mae West - My Heroine

Mae West - My Heroine

the more I miss,

de meaner I get.

Mae West

Note from Cassie:
That woman always
speaks straight from my heart.
Or maybe from
a bit lower down? ;)