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Jersey Joy! 28th Feb to 2nd March

Cassie, Independent EscortYes, I’m back in Jersey, I’m here in St Helier from Monday 28th Feb to Wednesday 2nd March.

So give me a call between 10am and 8pm to arrange for some sensual, sexy fun.

07989 060653

Remember, I don’t answer withheld number or texts


Monday – evening appointments available
Tuesday – lunchtime, late afternoon and evening
Wednesday – morning and afternoon after 1:30pm

See and feel you soon.

Love Cassie X

Your Chester Escort (at large)


Jersey Rain

I had to make some last minute changes and landed a couple of days early on this beautiful isle, so sorry if that interferes with your plans, but don’t worry, I have already fallen for the place, despite Jersey trying to shroud it’s beauty in grey clouds and rain and I am sure to return soon.

In some ways St Helier is a bit like Chester and in some ways nothing like it. From experience though I know when a town is right for me – no matter that I have much more to see. If I manage to get out of bed for long enough.

Jersey folks are definitely lovely people and know how to make visitors welcome and if tonight’s encounter is anything to go by there are true gentlemen on the island, who appreciate a sensual, playful (bed)-companion.

I am here until Sunday 30th this time round and have a couple of openings =oO left in my diary.

call me between 10am and 8pm on

07989 060653

Or email:

Sorry my Chester lovelies, but don’t cry – I’ll be back next week.

Love Cassie X
Your Chester Jersey Escort


A passion for candles

transform through candle lightg

Candle light has something magical for me, it can transform a room into a cosy, peaceful haven or a sexy, sensual love-nest and it can make the dingiest of surroundings appear gorgeous (not that I have any dingy surroundings).

A single candle flame is beautiful to look at, the way the white hot intense light of its centre gradually softens to a warm yellowish glow and the light slowly dissipates into darkness.

single candle flameI find just sitting and staring into the flame relaxes and focuses me and will leave me feeling centred and ready to face whatever the world wants to throw at me.

I go through a lot of candles, about 36 tea-lights and 2 or 3 large candles a week. The tea lights are great, because the wax is enclosed and the burn time is limited, so less dangerous if accidentally left burning.

This is not the cheapest passion to have, so the thrifty Scot in me collects all the scraps of wax left in the glass- and metal-containers and every so often I have a candle making session in my kitchen or I should call it ‘botching session’.

Being the person I am, I decided I didn’t need to be taught how to do this and don’t need expensive materials, so I have a small cooking pan and recycle the glasses some candles come in as well as the little metal discs that hold the wick and for wicks I use cheap cotton parcel string.
It works well, but last night I got a bit careless and topped up a couple of candles with molten wax just before going to bed.
That in itself is not that unusual, but this time I did it wearing nothing but socks and knickers…

And yes, for the first time it went wrong and I ended up with hot wax all over my right hand, belly and all over the cooker, worktop and floor.

Luckily it was mainly soy wax, so not as hot and only stung for a minute, the redness on my skin disappeared overnight and the worst part was the mess, I spent a good hour this morning scraping and washing and rinsing wax from everywhere.

I have been reminded of two things, one: never get complacent and neglect your safety procedures and second: why I don’t enjoy wax play.

Oh – and I have a little reminder in the form of a bellybutton shaped wax plug. Not sure if I will keep it or melt it into my next batch?

Your Chester Escort,
Cassie X


Between The Sheets, Availability for Monday 4th to Friday 8th October 2010

Remember the Islay Brothers? This tune is so soft, sexy and sensual… like a caress with a silkscarf.

Imagine walking down the road singing the refrain:

♪♫♪Girl, I love the way you relieve me
Comin’ on, comin’ on strong (Comin’ on strong)
{Sweet darlin’} In between the sheets

Well, that’s what you’ll be doing when you’ve had an hour or two with me.

I am available between 10am and 8pm from Monday 4th to Friday 8th October.

As always please try to give me a minimum of 2 hours notice when you call to book me and 24 hours by email.

Mobile: 07989 060 653

I will not answer texts or with-held numbers, so don’t waste your time.


your Chester Escort
Cassie X