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Spend a penny?

No, you don’t even have to spend a penny to get your free gold Britannia Penny, unless you count the P&P and the fact that you sign up to a club, who will send you a coin every month. Which you then have the option to return or to pay for, not a scam, but a clever way to capitalise on human nature.

Again I am not starting out as I mean to go on, the reason I bring this up is the ‘spooky’ lady in ‘The London Mint Office’ advert for above mentioned penny.

I understand that the ad is supposed to reflect the solemnity of the occasion, but the stiff, motionless way the woman stands coupled with the upper half of her face not moving a single muscle as she speaks really creeps me out.

Those unmoving features have to be a result of excessive botoxing or some strange disease that caused partial paralysis, it’s just not natural!

I quite regularly dim the lights and immerse myself in the heart stopping, hair raising world of horror movies, but for the first time in decades something I have seen on TV has given me a nightmare.

You may laugh, …but come on she IS scary!!!


Arachnophobia or not to arachnophobia

I am proud as punch and tickled pink with myself today.
I picked up a Daddy Long Leg Spider with my bare hand and threw it out the window.
Seriously! This is a major step!
Something I have been working towards for a good few years.
I have never liked spiders much, but as a little girl they didn’t affect me too badly, I even kept a tiny spider as pet in the corner of our kitchen window and fed it a fruit-fly every day, poor thing probably died from overfeeding.
Growing older my dislike grew and by the time I was 20 just knowing one of these eight legged critters was in the room would drive me crazy.
I couldn’t go to bed until I was sure I had trapped it with a glass and a piece of card and thrown it over the garden wall into the alley.
I don’t like killing spiders, but if I couldn’t trap and evict them, they had to die. I once had to sleep on the sofa, because a spider I was chasing fled underneath my mattress, so I freaked and I emptied 2 cans of bug spray over and under my bed, rendering the bedroom unusable for the night. Well, that taught than one inch menace to hide in my bed!
I realised that I couldn’t carry on like this and had to try to overcome my arachnophobia and have gradually worked towards desensitising myself.
So now I can tolerate a smaller spider in the same room as I am in, however the bedroom is still out of bounds and anything larger than an inch will still get evicted by glass and card.
Spider on skin contact is still a very scary thing and probably won’t happen again too soon.

Sorry, no piccie with this post, started to get very uncomfortable looking at them on the net.