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Today’s sexy phrase:

bedspring2“Love is not the dying moan

of a distant violin,


it’s the triumphant twang

of a bedspring.”



S. J. Perelman


Today’s sexy phrase


bridgeSex is like a bridge game;

if you don’t have a good partner,

you better have a good hand.


Now for something completely different …

My lovely mum used to read limericks to me when I was a little girl and we both enjoyed trying to make ones up ourselves and had many a giggle over our ludicrous attempts.
Remembering those days my mother told me on the phone that she had found a book of limericks and had bought one for herself and one for me and it was in the post. ‘Oh, thank you, that should be fun’ I said, whilst thinking: ‘Oh mother, just what I need – more useless clutter!’

A couple of days later it arrived and I opened the book on a random page and started to read – and promptly dropped it. Uncertain whether my eyes were deceiving me I tried to find that page again, failed, so read a different verse – and another – and another.
I was ever so slightly embarrassed that my mother should be casting her stern eye over the same limericks and looking the book over I notice that printed on the cover of the little treasure is ‘FOR ADULTS ONLY’

Mums only remark about the saucy verses was: ’They’re not quite the way I remembered them’ to which I could only agree!

So sometimes when I am feeling glum I open 1001 Limericks and after reciting a couple of them, can’t help but smile, so have a little giggle yourself:

There once was a lady from Arden
Who sucked off a man in a garden
He said, ’My dear Flo,
Where does all that stuff go?’
And she said – swallowing hard – ‘I beg your pardon?’

PS: Those who know me will know why I chose this one. ;)