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Sod’s law in full swing!

So I’ve been having a bit of a tough time and with the recession last year in was trying work out ways to save a few quid. Haven’t we all, you say and you are right. But I am so glad I’m not an investment banker as I seem to make the wrong choices all the time.

In October it was yet again time for MOT, road tax and insurance and given that my little car is 7 years old and not worth much anymore and the last accident I had where I had to make an insurance claim was about 22 years ago I thought it was a good way of saving £100 by going 3rd party, fire and theft.

Can you guess what’s coming? Yep, my little bug is a write off after having had an accident on the M6 yesterday. I am so annoyed, but I suppose after the crash had sent me into a spin and landed me facing the wrong way against the barrier in the fast lane, I am lucky to walk away with a whiplash injury.

For 15 terrifying minutes I was stuck in my car with traffic, only slightly slowing down, coming towards me. To make matters worse the other car involved was a bit further down across the slow and middle lane, so cars were changing into the fast lane to avoid hitting that car and therefore heading straight for me.

Well, we all walked away from this alive, but I still can’t help being peed off about having changed my insurance and also losing my no claims bonus, I stopped protecting that years ago.


22 years ago today …

… stockbrokers all over the world were tearing their hair out and sobbing into their mobile bricks. Monday 19th October 1987 – what am I talking about – Black Monday of course – the day the global stockmarket crashed, heralding a dark period in commercial history.

Businesses went bust, banks closed, unemployment shot up and the economy took a nosedive – sound familiar?

Yep, this is not our first recession – I was a fairly naive young woman then and living in my own little world.

Not much is different for me today though, I am older, more aware of the goings on and don’t have the comfort of being cushioned by my parents.

join meHowever I am entrusting myself to universal balance and that history repeats itself (every few decades there is a recession) – to every down there is an up – and once we have reached the bottom the only way is up.
How this is affected will vary every time and I feel pretty powerless to influence anything outside my immediate surroundings.

So naively I believe that all I have to do is cling on and weather the storm.

Anyone want to join me in my hideout and while away the stormy days?