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Prostitutes say sorry to Coleen. WTF???

Make the pussy cat roar

What the heck are they apologising for?

For doing their job?

It’s not like they seduced Rooney into an affair or tricked him into having sex with them!

It makes me so angry, that society is portraying us as the bad people.

Nobody can tell me that men who seek an escort’s service are not aware of the consequences.

These women apologising implies they have something to feel guilty about!

That is like blaming a publican for someone getting drunk - just because the pub is there and he sells booze doesn’t mean the customer has to go and drink himself stupid.

Or what about a car dealer, should he apologise because he sold a car to some speed freak, who then goes and crashes it?

Escorts like me offer our sexual services, it is not illegal, at least not yet and we don’t force our clients to buy our services, if there was no demand we wouldn’t do business – so what have we got to feel ashamed about?

I also question the sincerity of these women, they knew that a large number of clients would be married and with Rooney they really couldn’t claim ignorance – so if the plight of the cheated wife affected them so badly how could they do this job in the first place?

Maybe it only matters if the people involved are famous?

Or maybe it only matters because they were named?

Hmm. Makes you think doesn’t it?

Love Cassie X


Ok folks prepare for a rant!!!

I watched tonight’s episode of Private Practice, an American series about a doctors surgery in California (or somewhere like that)

Anyway, in one of the main stories had Alison the obstetrician treating a med student called Carly, who confesses that she works part-time as call girl to finance her studies – shock, horror!!!
And she asks Alison to treat her fellow student prossies as they think they might have got an STI. Alison reluctantly agrees, but then the doctors are discussing things over lunch.

Alison (obstetrician): “She’s a nice girl, I can’t believe she is doing this. Worst part is she doesn’t seem bothered by it.”

Violet (Psychiatrist): “She is repressing emotion, it’s a defence mechanism to help her cope with what she’s doing. Most prostitutes have low self-esteem, many of them are victims of sexual abuse.”

Cooper (Paediatrician):“I’ve met a few call girls in my day and we would discuss why they got into the trade and it’s not because they were touched inappropriately or forced to have sex.”

Violet (Psychiatrist): “Because they don’t want you to believe it. They don;t want to destroy the illusion. Don’t kid yourself these women are victims.”

OMG!!! I am so mad, what stereotyping! I’m a poor abused victim with low self esteem!

Next interesting conversation is, when Kevin, Alison’s boyfriend, pops into the surgery for a visit and clocks the young girls, in jeans and t-shirts, sitting in the waiting room of course as a SWAT team member he immediately recognises the girls for what they are (yeah right!)

Kevin (SWAT officer): “What’s with the call girls?”

Violet (psychiatrist) to Alison: “What you are seeing more prostitutes?”

Alison: “I’m seeing women.”

Kevin: “Of the night.”

Alison to Violet: “Wait. You have a problem with it?”

Violet: “Yeah I do, look I’m all for free choice, but these girls are damaged, they can’t make good choices. So yeah, if you only treat them physically you are just perpetuating their problem. Is this really what this practice is coming to.”

Alison: “What should it be, a high end westside clinic, catering to an overly exclusive clientele, this isn’t exactly Hollywood boulevard.”

Kevin: “And you think that makes a difference? Do you wanna hear the statistics and links between prostitution and drugs and prostitution and violent crime?”

Alison: “I’m not condoning their behaviour, but they’re not streetwalkers.”

Kelvin: ”And you think just because they’re in school everyday doesn’t mean it’s gonna lead down the same path? They may think its temporary, but do you wanna lay odds on how many are still doing it 5 years from now?”

So I’m damaged and can’t make a good choice and my path is leading me to drugs and violent crime, but at least I’ll still be doing this in 5 years time!

A bit later Alison goes into a room and speaks to fellow obstetrician Naomi,

who says: “You all done with your prostitutes?”

Alison: “First Kelvin is moralistic Joe, now you!”

Naomi: “These women sell themselves. They make people feel like all women are for sale.”

Alison: “They need a doctor, I’m a doctor.”

Well, pardon me, but it’s not down to me what people think and I don’t sell myself, I offer a service and sell my skills.

Lo and behold the night after Carly reveals she works as a call girl she is badly beaten and calls Alison for help. This of course leads to more moralistic conversations, which I won’t recap apart from the final conversation Alison has with Carly in the hospital.

Alison: “You were right, I don’t know what it is like to walk in your shoes, but don’t kid yourself Carly, this is not just a means to an end, because once you do this, it’s who you are. We are our actions, they define us and you may think you are a med student paying for college, but right now you’re a hooker.”

Carly crying: “That’s not ..”

Alison cuts her off: “That’s the world you have chosen. I can’t be your doctor anymore Carly.”c12

Alison walks away leaving a crying Carly.

So there we have it, we are our actions, so I’m a hooker with low self esteem, abused and well on my way to a life of drugs and violent crime. Doesn’t matter that I have an MSc and that I have been successful in my career in mainstream jobs!

I am my actions, I am what I am – and by god I’m proud of it!