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This week’s Sexy Quote

Women should be obscene and not heard.

Groucho Marx

Now what’s wrong with being noisy while being obscene?

Cassie X
(Your Independent Chester Esocrt)


SATURDAY 12th June 2010

Extremely limited availability, please book well in advance.

Round and round it goes

I love Cheese, hard cheese, soft cheese, cream cheese, blue cheese – the stinkier the better.

So I jumped at the chance to go into town today to watch the annual Chester Cheese Rolling Championships, this is one of the pre-events that start up the Chester Food and Drink Festival, with the main event happening on April 3rd–5th at the Racecourse.

Teams of local retailers and restaurants enter into the competition pitting themselves against each other and teams from Lancashire and Stilton. The teams start in relays rolling a block of cheese by hand around an obstacle course and after a number of heats the competition culminates in a breath taking finale of the two best teams.

On the one hand side it is funny to watch as the cheeses have a mind of their own and try their best to escape, but it also has me wondering how many contestants are booked in with a masseur for after the event, running around bent double like that must play havoc on your back and I am sure that those guys would far rather be sitting down to a slab of that cheese with a hunk of bread and a mug of ale. I know I would!

I’m finding writing about the event doesn’t seem to be as amusing as it was and I guess you had to be there.

Anyway, The Chester Cheese Shop won. Congrats and I’ll have some Goats cheese and some Gorgonzola.