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11-11-11 Wow or Meh?

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Lest We Forget

Some sombre thoughts today, remembering all the brave soldiers who laid down their lives to defend their country and those who were killed as a result of following the orders they swore to obey.

As you may guess I don’t believe in ‘the war on terrorism’ I am one of those who think this was and still is all about politics, greed and saving face.

I am not going to argue about it, but this is what I believe and at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter why these brave men died, what matters is that they did – and they did so for Britain and therefore for us.

And I did hold a minute of silent reflection at 11:11.

It is quite interesting how this once in a century occurence has sparked so many different happenings and celebrations such thousands of couples getting married today, with 50 couples ‘eloping’ Gretna Green and over 5000 newly-weds in Shanghai alone.

Many births were induced so their children were born on this auspicious date, hence rocketing the number of birthdays for the future and there were of course the celebrants of their 11th birthday, with those born at 11 o’clock being extra special.

The pyramids at Giza were closed for fear of spiritual ceremonies being held and I am sure many other ‘religions’ have found reasons to make it a special event and of course Hollywood would not miss out on an opportunity like this, releasing the horror movie 11-11-11.

I could go on and on, but I won’t, lol, for me – apart for that one minute it was just a bog standard day with a couple of special clients to brighten it – you know who you are.

Love Cassie

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