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Gentlemen, experience the sensual delights my men in the North West can’t get enough of.

 Tuesday 8th February - Friday 11th February 2011

Please email or call me soon, before my diary fills up

to arrange for some sexy fun and pleasure together.

07989 060653

Love Cassie X

Your Chester Escort (at large)


Heavenly feet! Divine!

Fish spaToday I treated myself to a toe nibbling and in this instance it was nothing sexual. Oh no, I visited one of the places popping up all over the UK, that offer pedicures by fish nibbling the dry skin of your feet.

Now gentlemen who have spent some personal time with me know how much I love and appreciate being touched, gently stroked and lightly tickled.
However there are a couple of areas that generally get slightly less attention than others; not that I am complaining, but it means I have to resort to professionals to even up the pleasure levels.

So I try to have a beauty treatment for my face at least once a month as well as a hand massage with manicure and occasionally I’ll have a foot massage – where are the foot worshipers these days?

No matter! I intend to plan in a fishy foot nibbling session every couple of weeks.

It was so exciting to slowly lower my feet into the tank full of fish, who were eagerly gathering below my soles and as soon as I broke through the surface they launched themselves at my legs and feet and latched on.

Nothing can be compared to the wonderful tingly, tickly feeling of a hundred tiny fish sucking and nibbling away at your legs and feet. The best I can describe it as the tingle from lots of tiny, very,very mild electric shocks.

Your are supposed to sit back enjoy the sensation and relax, but I was fascinated and spent the whole time watching them, gently moving my limbs from time to time and eventually spreading my toes, yielding to the persistent nudging of a couple of fish who were trying to get in-between my toes.

When my time was up I had to remove my feet slowly one by one and it was funny to see those little silver suckers holding on until the very last minute and only letting go when they were in danger of being lifted out of the water.

Some people may not take to it, but to me the sensation was divine and I know what I’ll say to anyone asking me what I want for Christmas. :)

Love Cassie X

Your Chester Escort



At last… and Availability this week

…I get a chance to write a blog post!

My walk on the beach

Beach off Saint Aubin's Promenade, late afternoon

I can’t believe I’ve been back a few days from Jersey now and for my first official tour it was great fun, the weather was changeable, but still gave me a chance to explore and wander on the beach. That is, when the lovely Jersey gents gave me the opportunity to get out of bed, lol.

The gentlemen in question were very appreciative of my services and gave me a great deal of pleasure as well as some Adultwork feedback and I am looking forward to seeing them all again in the not too distant future.

For the seasoned foodie in me there was plenty of pleasure to be had too, steaks cooked to perfection, so crisp on the outside and running red juices when cut. One night I was overjoyed when I came across a Bento bar and stuffed myself with sushi galore, another evening I treated my tastebuds to a seafood banquet to die for and finishing the trip off with a yummy KFC, LOL!

The only thing lacking was a companion to share the food with, but I love people watching and even better is watching people watching people and if all else fails, all seasoned business travellers will agree, a book can be your best friend. I had a book about the life of a young girl growing up during the American occupation in Korea I’ve wanted to read for a while, so not that bad really.

It also seems I need to make myself unavailable for a while to tempt some of my lapsed regulars out of the woodwork. ;o) Wonderful seeing you again – you know who you are! ;o)

I think I’ve caught the touring bug now, so I am looking at maps of Britain trying to decide where to go next, up north, down south or east? Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Oh a word of warning to travellers – never make jokes about cavity searches, when approaching the airport…

It didn’t go as far as a strip search, but the shoes had to come off and a butch lady in uniform got to cop a feel for free – though from her facial expression she enjoyed it even less than I did.

Well, I’m happy to be home and available next week

Monday to Friday between 10am and 8pm,

but already have some appointments, so please try and book in advance.



And please be aware that I may not be able to answer.

I also promise to post something more interesting in the next couple of days.

Love Cassie X

Your Chester Escort