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Happy Birthday to me!

funny pic, Dog sniffs for Birthday Cake

I sure hope so!

Is it just me or does this event, obviously the most important one of the year come around fasted every time? That must be the reason why the numbers may be stacking up, but I don’t feel any different from the year before – and thank you Mum and Dad I don’t look much different either.

If I’m completely honest though first thing in the morning the spring in my step is occasionally accompanied by a creak and it takes longer to recover from a night out on the town, but you have to expect a little wear on a high quality, vintage luxury object such as me.

So today is strictly for fun and by invitation only, but fear not I’ll not be too tired to play on Friday.

Love Cassie X

Your Chester Escort


ATTENTION PLEASE! Jersey boys get ready!


Friday 29th October to Wednesday 3rd November


I’m visiting the beautiful Channel Island of Jersey
and can’t wait to sample all the pleasures it holds.

But be gentle, it’s my first time (on Jersey)! ;o)

Please email or call me
and we can arrange for some sexy fun together.

+44 7989 060653

Love Cassie X
Your Chester Escort


Chocolates and carpet burn

Thank you to D.

those chocolates are melting in my mouth and sliding down my throat as smoothly as the other present you gave me ;o).

Thankfully I avoided developing carpet burn and I hope your knees have recovered too.
We must do it again soon.


Chester events

My Scottish accent and my Chinese looks are probably a clue to me not being a native Cestrian. However I have fallen in love with this city and consider it home. So I feel I should share some of this love with you and want to tempt you to visit Chester and maybe as you are here anyway – visit me too! (of course there is an ulterior motive, lol)

So what is happening this month?

Sport events:

Show-Jumping 3rd – 5th July National Friendly British Masters held at Chester race course
I can’t say much about this, because as much as I like horses I haven’t got a clue about show jumping apart from Andrew Davis (a leading British show jumper) has nice buns.

Chester Races 10th – 11th July
Ladies & Gents evening on Friday and Saturday is totesport day, well the races are pretty well known so not much for me to say apart from: ‘Get your betting slips out?’

Music & Entertainment:

Chester Summer Music Festival 4th – 19th July
A wide variety of musical events from classical performances through to jazz as well as
sing-a-longs and performance talks. A number of exciting and interesting venues have been chosen, more info:

Chester Roman Games: Music, Dance and Death 18th – 19th July
Roman times and culture brought to life, military training displays, gladiator games have a go activities and more.

Bits and Bobs:

Raft Race 12th July; 10am to 1pm
This year the theme is Super Heros and Villans and there are about 40 rafts expected, a free fun spectacle.

These are just a few big events in Chester that caught my eye and I will post about other things to do in future posts including things I like, place I enjoy and more regular happening such as comedy nights and gigs. I hope you will enjoy reading about them and understand why I want to share my chosen City with you.