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Oh dear, oh dear! When will I grow up?

NEVER – me thinks.

Ok, what brought this lament on? Let me set the scene:

I have the habit of sending away for every freebie I see offered on the internet or magazines and collect vouchers like precious jewels. I nearly always forget to use the vouchers before they run out and end up throwing them in the bin (recycle) by the handful.

Freebie from TabascoAnyway, today I received a little cardboard envelope and upon opening it the leaflet told me it was a sample from Tabasco. I don’t remember sending away for it and for the last few months have preferred to use the more fiery piri-piri sauce; but hey, ‘gift horses and mouths and all that… So expecting a couple of sachets to fall into my hand, what pops out? – A miniature Tabasco bottle, exactly like the real one right down to the mini printed label!

Well, you cannot imagine my childish glee, my hand-clapping, foot-stomping excitement found me making the kind of noises normally reserved for cute babies (the non-crying kind), puppies and kittens and stroking the tiny bottle in my hand.

As a way of explaining myself I have always had a penchant for all things miniature and the closer they resemble their ‘normal’ sized cousins the better. I made myself the promise that one day I will get a large 1/12th scale doll house, which I will furnish and decorate it as the home of my dreams complete with conservatory and walled garden.

The 1/12th houseThis is one of my many retirement projects, so sadly a long time off, unless I win the lottery – but then I will have an entire room with a model village, no, a city, with a cathedral and shops, a park with a pond, a pub, of course a bawldy house and trains that run on time! Woohoo or woowoo (imitating train whistle).

Ok – back to the real world. Back to playing ‘Grown-ups’ – what a drag, but better than actually growing up, lol.

Love Cassie X

Your Chester Escort