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Would I be this honest? I’m not sure?

I’m talking about Dennis Hayes from St Helens who couldn’t believe his eyes when he got a bankteller to give him a balance statement and found he had nearly £29 million in his bank account, he alerted the teller and got her to check that this was correct and apparently went to a different bigger branch to alert them to the error, but both branches insisted the money was his and when he asked if that meant that he could draw on all the funds cleared on the slip, namely the £29m he was told yes.

He eventually wrote to a letter to the Chief Executive of Barclays Bank, to get the mistake corrected, who sorted out the ‘problem’ and sent him a hamper as a thank you.

The bank released a statement saying that Dennis had just got the balance slip of another customer handed to him by mistake and he wouldn’t have had access to the millions as they were never actually in his account.

I’m not so sure I would have been able to resist the temptation of spending the money whilst it lasted, especially after having spoken to two branches of the bank and them insisting that the money was mine. I would have probably got them to confirm it in writing that the money was mine and gone shopping – followed by a session on the phone paying off all my debts and the debts of my family and closest friends.

Wow, the vintage lingerie and leather outfits I could buy, all the toys and gadgets I could have.

I’d buy my own exclusive gentleman’s and lady’s club with a sumptuous love hotel attached, where I’d bring together the most diverse selection of indies on tour.

I’d travel to research and learn sex and love rituals and practices all over the world and keep everyone up to date with my adventures via my blog … ooh, sweet dreams…


Crack open the Champagne!

The excitement of a new website and a versatile blog

OMG! I am so excited I don’t know what to write. There are so many things I have held back on, as my old blog was so restrictive and the appearance was not very appealing. Coupled with the doctorchamp finally lifting my typing ban, imposed due to a problem with my hands and arms – the words are flowing from me faster than I can type and are in serious danger of making even less sense than they normally do.

So much has happened in the past weeks, where do I start?

Well I have finally provided my website creator, miradesign, with the information needed to complete the new site I have been mentioning for months and here it is all new, clean and shiny!

And to top it off there is a brand new 2009 photo gallery courtesy of my first ever professional photo shoot with the lovely Nicky Ryan, which I will post about separately.

Keep watching this spot and bookmark the link, cos as the Carpenters said:

We’ve only just begun♪♫♪