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Recovering nicely!


to all you gorgeous people, wishing me a good recovery. I love you all and I have been working very hard at relaxing and am well on the way to full health.

For months I have had to eliminate all fat from my diet and have been craving after chips, fried chicken, pizza and doughnuts, not to mention trading off the fat-content of a portion of steamed chicken against that of a latte or two (I’m addicted to latte, you know!) and experimenting with the ideal ratio of chocolate to painkillers.

Finally the good old NHS decided to bring the torture of limited food choices to an end and to chop out the offending organ and now that I can eat whatever takes my fancy again, all I want is Chicken Salad, raw veggies and juicy fruit.

The human psyche is a strange thing, of course once freed from my restrictions I attacked a jar of peanut butter and a 300g bar of chocolate whiled away a couple of blissful hours as I allowed each square to melt on my tongue and slide down my throat.

Since then and a scrumtious bacon and egg butty later; all cravings seem to have vanished and though I will never turn down a tasty morsel thrust my way, the urgency to devour anything with a fat content of 50% or more is no more.

I am hoping that the powers that be see this and accept that the only way to stop me from wanting more and more of something is to give me access to all I crave. So in other words if I was rich, all my desires will be assuaged.

If past experience is anything to go by, the new craving manifesting itself is an exception to that theory.

During my recovery I am to refrain from activities that raise my heart rate, so no gym and no work for a while.

So I am really craving work satisfaction - oh boy, I almost feel sorry for the first clients that walk in and crawl out my door, which will hopefully be soon. ;oP


Sexy Phrase of the day

sexy dancing couple3

Dancing is

a perpendicular expression

of a horizontal desire.


George Bernard Shaw