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…parts only a woman can reach!

I had a brilliant time away with every one of you wonderful Jersey boys and look forward to our encounters next time, however after almost a week of all male company there are parts of me that have been neglected and only my girlfriends can give me that stimulation.

Open mouth with tongueUh-err – Zippers up, lads – you should know by now I’m not that kinda girl – if relief is what you want, let me do it for you, so much more fun for both of us. ;o)

The girlie action I am planning involves spreading gunk on our faces, junk in our bellies and talking trash.

It’s actually some wholesome home cooking, but that doesn’t have quite the same ring to it! Regardless we are going to have some laughs and beautify ourselves, stay up late sing, dance and be silly.

Fortified I’ll be craving testosterone fuelled action next week and hopefully the gentlemen from Bangor are primed and cocked ready to show me they can rival those Channel Island guys!

Remember advance-booking is very recommended.

But, woohoo! Girlie time first!

Love Cassie X

Your Chester Escort


Body and Mind

I don’t often remark on my encounters as escort, not because they are not worth talking about, but for one: ‘What happens in Cassie, stays in Cassie’ … erm, that doesn’t sound quite like it did in my head, but I’m sure you get the drift; and I wouldn’t want to spoil the sale potential of my future memoirs. ;oP

great brainsThe thing is, it is seldom that I meet someone who can follow, let alone outdistance my quirky, bizarre sense of humour and view of life. Over the years I have learnt to recognise the spark of confusion in my conversation partner’s eyes before it turns to panic and they start edging towards the emergency exit.

Well – I have met my match! No matter what freakish turns of the mind I took, he was right there with me, often anticipating my flights of fancy or taking a weird twist even I was not expecting.

After having such stimulating animated conversation I feared sex – the actual reason of the liaison, would be a bit of an anticlimax…

…Sooo?… what? …was what what? You want to know about the sex?

Lets just say, I made a very good impression of a Cheshire cat afterwards, complete with purr and I slept very well last night.

I have only one regret: I should have recorded our conversation, I can only remember about half of it, though in quiet moments as my mind wanders, a snippet from last night pops up and has me grinning insanely. Fine while I’m alone, but it seems to draw nervous glance in the streets of St Helier and caused quite a stir in the De Gruchy cookware department – yeah – sniggering out loud is pretty inappropriate when holding a meat cleaver.

No, I’m not going to go into why I was looking at large kitchen knives and I didn’t buy one.

Love Cassie X

You Chester Escort (at large in Jersey)


Oranges are not the only fruit…

Just as well!

One of the perks of touring is breakfast in the hotel, well depending on the hotel of course, this hotel has a fab hot and cold buffet, apart from the fried eggs – but that is to be expected from any buffet – a fried egg has to be prepared fresh or it is not worth having.

Seeing only one or two eggs left on the servery has a rather disturbing effect on me, I stare at any person approaching the buffet willing them to take the last egg(s), so that when a fresh tray comes out I can pounce on a freshly fried soft centred yellow and white morsel.

I need to get a life – I know!

Anyway back to oranges, whilst munching away on my final slice of toast I overheard the elderly couple on the table next to me remark to the waitress how juicy and sweet the oranges were and I thought: Mhmm, a succulent orange to finish off breakkie and cut through some of the grease of the fry-up. So my eyes wandered to the bowl displaying the fresh fruit, only to be confronted by the glaring absence of colourful citrus fruit.

Dropping my gaze disappointedly, glancing past the table of afore mentioned couple I happened to notice a shopping bag by the lady’s chair – and yes you guessed it there – through the slighty opaque bag I glimpsed at least four orange hued bulges.

The greedy sods had snaffled all the oranges leaving none for other guests, in particular me!

I weighed up the couple trying to gauge whether I could mug them on the way back to their room, but on second thoughts just settled for some grapes.

Ha! But for tomorrow I’ll set my alarm half an hour earlier, beat them to the restaurant and make them watch as I gorge myself on all the oranges, juice dripping down my chin!

Love Cassie X

Your Chester Escort (at large in Jersey)


Jersey Joy! 28th Feb to 2nd March

Cassie, Independent EscortYes, I’m back in Jersey, I’m here in St Helier from Monday 28th Feb to Wednesday 2nd March.

So give me a call between 10am and 8pm to arrange for some sensual, sexy fun.

07989 060653

Remember, I don’t answer withheld number or texts


Monday – evening appointments available
Tuesday – lunchtime, late afternoon and evening
Wednesday – morning and afternoon after 1:30pm

See and feel you soon.

Love Cassie X

Your Chester Escort (at large)


Home Sweet Home!

I love travelling and exploring new places, seeing different things, but there is nothing quite like coming home.

At first there is that anticlimactic feeling of ‘it’ being over or if the return trip was long and stressful just the relief of having finally arrived to what feels like a cold empty place.

Then you dump your bags, make a cuppa, just the way you like it, snuggle up in your favourite spot on the sofa and browse your sky+ recordings.

…and suddenly all is well with the world,

you relax – you’re at

Love Cassie

Your Chester Escort


Desert Island Gadget

I am not a gadget bunny, I didn’t get my first mobile phone until 1995 and my first laptop in 2008, if I hadn’t been living with a partner for many years I would have probably had my old black and white portable UHF/VHF dial TV with a tiny screen until digital forced me to change – nah, that’s a lie, I like my telly too much to not have a large screen colour set, but it isn’t the latest model.

I appreciate sleek new designs and am impressed by the all singing, all dancing apps and functions, but I’m rarely tempted into buying the latest gizmo as soon as it hits the shops.

This indifference includes kitchen doodads of which I just own the most basic ones – apart from my Aerolatte.

I adore and revere this little device that enables me to have a frothy, foamy, fluffy coffee at home.

When my last one died in mid service and no amount of cleaning and brand new, top branded batteries could coax it back to life I despaired and Starbucks, Costa and numerous independent coffee shops made a fortune for a few days.

However during one of my forays into Chester’s charity shops, a slivery glint in a box caught my eye and as ever the magpie I investigated. Oh joy, there it was! Abandoned amongst junk a perfectly serviceable milk frother!

£1.99 secured the adoption and Aerolatte mark 2 came home with me. Initially it had a few spitting fits, but we were still getting used to each other, now It has settled well into my kitchen and hums and whirls happily when I put it to work now and maybe I will treat it to a travel case soon.

LOL, yes – you are right I have lost the plot today, but hey, life would be boring if we were sane every day.

Love Cassie X

Your Chester Escort

PS: Thank you for the for the yummy chocs K. Looking forward to your company again soon. X


Reindeer Romance

Oh lord, I really am turning into a grumpy old woman – hey wipe that wicked grin off your face, lol, yes, you know who you are and so do I and I shall deal with you when I see you – you hope! ;o)

So I’m standing here singing along to my local radio station chopping up lambs hearts for a tasty stew, pondering on what a restricted life they must have led judging by the amount of fat I have to remove.

The adverts come on and they promote a Wedding Fayre. The radio station is hosting the event and they rattle off an expansive list of events and exhibits for that day including quote: ‘Live Reindeer, yes, we have live reindeer!’

Now wait a minute!

This is a Wedding Fare? This is February?

WTF have reindeer got to do with the celebration of entering into holy (admittedly sometimes not so holy) martrimony?

I suppose themed Weddings are on trend, so why should Christmas be am exception?

Reindeer pulling sleigh for weddingI can just see it: The bride swathed in furs arrives at the magical grotto in a sleigh pulled by a team of reindeer and driven by a dwarf.

She glides down an aisle adorned with holly and ivy to ‘Silent Night’ to stand before the groom waiting with the nutcracker as bestman and flanked by Christmas trees. Preceding her are of course a number of sugarplum fairies sprinkling fairy dust and carrying baskets of mistletoe. Santa Claus himself then steps forward to hold the ceremony…

What a picture! Sad thing is it’s probably not just a figment of my imagination, but already been done. (Sigh) Sometimes I just hanker back to the good old days where a wedding was about getting married, not about how big a show you can put on.

Love Cassie X

Your Chester Escort


Stretch It!

Is there anything better than a good top to toe stretch?

I don’t mean the type you do after a work-out, because I don’t do those (naughty me).

Big stretchI mean the one where you lie back reach with your arms over your head, tense you arm muscles right up to the fingertips.
Keep the tension and let it flow down your body, with your leg muscles so taught your legs lift off the surface and your toes would make a ballerina proud. Finally relaxing every part of the body in one sudden move, that renders you limp as a dish rag.

Initially I feel so drained from the effort that my first thought is: ’I wish I hadn’t done that!’, but then a sense of wellbeing spreads, together with a blissful smile.

Hmm, a bit like an orgasm really – must be why I like stretching…

Love Cassie X

Your Chester Escort

Note for the lovely A.: Thank you for the yummy seabass, I followed your advice and I’m not sure what I enjoyed ‘devouring’ more the fish or you! ;o)


Musical match?

How do I know I watch too much TV?

Well for one I can identify most adverts from the jingle intro, never mind the actual programs and I can recite or sing along to my favourite adverts – so sad I know!

My current favourite is the ad where a young man and woman independently enter a second hand music shop, he picks up a guitar and she goes to a keyboard.
They have their backs to each other and both strike up the same note at the same time and then enter into a sort of singing dialog.
After a short duet, they turn around and smile at each other.

The viewer is left thinking this could be the start of a wonderful romance. Not the kind of thing that happens in real life and definitely not to me, but sweet, cleverly thought out and plays to many people who like romantic musicals.

Funnily enough I can’t remember the blurb about online dating and need prompting for the company name and most certainly am not compelled to find a new life partner.

So is the advert a hit or a miss? Who cares it entertains me and maybe I’ll see what’s on offer in my local music shop?

Love Cassie X,

Your Chester Escort




Gentlemen, experience the sensual delights my men in the North West can’t get enough of.

 Tuesday 8th February - Friday 11th February 2011

Please email or call me soon, before my diary fills up

to arrange for some sexy fun and pleasure together.

07989 060653

Love Cassie X

Your Chester Escort (at large)