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Hungry Mr Bumble


The weather has everyone and everything confused, so I wasn’t too surprised to find a cold, tired and hungry looking bumble bee on my living room floor this morning.

He was stumbling sluggishly across my rug and leaning heavily to one side, poor exhausted thing – or course he could have been drunk, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt.

I have a real soft spot for the furry little critters after all they defy all rules of aeronautics and manage to launch their plump little bodies into the air and buzz about busily, like little rebels in striped pyjamas.

Anyway, I embarked on operation ‘save Mr Bumble’ immediately. Scooped the tottering insect onto some paper, put him on the kitchen windowsill, where the sun had the grace to come out and warm a spot and put a dollop of honey in front him.

As soon as he sensed the sweet puddle, he stopped trying to walk, buried his proboscis in the golden liquid and began to feed steadily.

Wow, that blob of honey disappeared in no time, so provided a refill, took some pictures – hey, you get nowt for nowt and being my model for a couple of minutes is not a lot to ask is it? – opened the window and left him to it.

Half an hour later he was gone and preening myself in having done a good deed, I grabbed the ‘Raid spray’ and commenced the fly hunt – hate the pesky buggers – but I am fair, they get three warnings to get out the way they came in before I spray them.

As an aside has anyone noticed that over the last 10 years or so the ‘normal’ size housefly has almost disappeared and been replaced with an ever increasing population of big fat blue-bottle sized flies. I really must check this out on the net – I know, once a geek always a geek…


Mundane, I know…

park bench in the sun

Today I spent the day taking my time sorting out a lot of admin stuff, then late afternoon I strolled to the local shops for some food and flowers (I love my flowers).

On the way back I got myself a latte, which I am addicted to and took the scenic route through a little park/play area.

There I sat all by myself, the sun on my face, the sounds of daily humdrum muffled in the distance watching a bumblebee and savouring my milky coffee.

I thank the powers that be for peaceful moments like these.