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My Beautiful Bargain

A few months ago I was lucky and bought a potted orchid at a final (sell by date) reduction price of £2.50 from £10 and thought that even if the blossoms lasted a few days and the buds dropped unopened it would be a nice display on my table for a while.

To my delight it lasted weeks with all the buds coming into full bloom on both stalks.

Now the time before I had an orchid I killed it with kindness giving it a drink every time I watered my other plants and rotting its roots.
So this time I held back and now a few months on I have been rewarded with three boughs of gorgeous flowers and I just wanted to share that delight in these duller and darkening days.

candle lightOne thing I do like about the darker nights is getting out my candles again and filling my living room with magical dancing points of light and warmth and seductive scents – why, oh why did Airwick have to phase out their Vanilla & Festive Spice range…

Ah well, I’ll just have to experiment with other sensual aromas, I don’t need them to get me in the mood for loving, but it just adds that extra touch.

Love Cassie

Your Chester Escort

PS: The All Blacks are going to batter the Frenchies on Sunday, hahaha!