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WAKA WAKA – My hips don’t lie

I have a habit of entering any free competition I come across, though I don’t actually expect to win anything and generally don’t.

Waka WakaSo I nearly missed that I had won two tickets to see Shakira on the 14th of December at the M.E.N.
It didn’t help that the email informing me of my win went into my Junk folder on the 9th and since I check this folder only a couple of times a week I didn’t discover the message until the 13th.

It asked me to confirm my details and I was concerned that the prize might have gone to someone else since I hadn’t replied.
I won’t bore you with the details of the lengthy process of web searches and phone calls it took to track down the person who sent me the email to confirm that I really had won the tickets.

However it paid off and a couple of hours later I was assured all I had to do was find a friend to take and claim the tickets at the box office.
Easier said than done at such short notice, the first friend that wanted to come, ended up with car trouble and had to cancel late evening and I roped in another mate, who’s first reaction was: ‘Shakira who?’
Well, we’d have a laugh anyway.

Shakira singing 'I'm a Gypsy'Shakira was amazing, her performance had the right balance of energetic dance and soulful song and she interacted with the audience a lot, despite that the arena was only about ¾ full.
And it was a nice touch when she got a few girls up on stage and did a little dance class/routine with them.

We were a good bit away from the main stage, but got close to the end of the ramp/catwalk on which Shakira performed a lot, so experienced her close up and watching Shakira’s sexy dance moves reawakened my passion for belly dance and I have promised myself to start dancing again.

I really enjoyed the show and also made a good choice with my companion; for a straight bloke my mate is great for watching people with and having a cheeky bitch about them and there was plenty to be going on with – we had a great time.

We discussed the fashion faux pas, of a young woman who wore a top that twisted at the back to reveal most of her back, but unfortunately also showed her bra clasp.

But oh my, I couldn’t help noticing her pale, flawless skin and how her back curved sexily from the nape of her neck to her shapely hips and I couldn’t help but fall deeply in lust. And NO trampstamp – hurrah!

My mate and I were both tempted to undo the bra – you know the quick one handed move – but managed to restrain this juvenile impuse, which was just as well since she turned out to be a friendly, chatty girl who commiserated with me when I commented about the bloke in front blocking my view.

Imagine my surprise and pleasure, when I found the object of my lust and her friend were on the same train home to Chester.

Unfortunately she is much too young for me and corrupting her would be unfair – fun – but unfair, especially as I still prefer men…

Love Cassie X

Your Chester



Earth hour 2010

Apparently this event has been happening for the last couple of years and is said to be the “biggest climate awareness campaign ever!”

Oops-a-daisy, I missed it, actually I admit complete ignorance.

Before today I had never heard of it, in case there are other folks not in the know: Everyone across the globe is meant to turn off their lights for an hour at an appointed time to support and raise awareness about climate change.

This year it happened on Saturday 27th March at 8:30pm – whilst this was taking place I was with my assorted girlfriends eating, drinking and taking turns on the pole.

Just to clarify, that would be a dancing pole not a man of Eastern-block origin, yeah,I know how your minds work! As dirty as mine!

Followed by much giggling and gyrating as I was holding an informal belly dance class.

All in all, us girlies had a great fun night and didn’t waste a single thought on the climate.

Sorry, mother earth – I promise to do better next year or maybe I’ll just keep switching off all unnecessary lights and quietly do my bit for the environment?