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My Beautiful Bargain

A few months ago I was lucky and bought a potted orchid at a final (sell by date) reduction price of £2.50 from £10 and thought that even if the blossoms lasted a few days and the buds dropped unopened it would be a nice display on my table for a while.

To my delight it lasted weeks with all the buds coming into full bloom on both stalks.

Now the time before I had an orchid I killed it with kindness giving it a drink every time I watered my other plants and rotting its roots.
So this time I held back and now a few months on I have been rewarded with three boughs of gorgeous flowers and I just wanted to share that delight in these duller and darkening days.

candle lightOne thing I do like about the darker nights is getting out my candles again and filling my living room with magical dancing points of light and warmth and seductive scents – why, oh why did Airwick have to phase out their Vanilla & Festive Spice range…

Ah well, I’ll just have to experiment with other sensual aromas, I don’t need them to get me in the mood for loving, but it just adds that extra touch.

Love Cassie

Your Chester Escort

PS: The All Blacks are going to batter the Frenchies on Sunday, hahaha!


Jersey Rain

I had to make some last minute changes and landed a couple of days early on this beautiful isle, so sorry if that interferes with your plans, but don’t worry, I have already fallen for the place, despite Jersey trying to shroud it’s beauty in grey clouds and rain and I am sure to return soon.

In some ways St Helier is a bit like Chester and in some ways nothing like it. From experience though I know when a town is right for me – no matter that I have much more to see. If I manage to get out of bed for long enough.

Jersey folks are definitely lovely people and know how to make visitors welcome and if tonight’s encounter is anything to go by there are true gentlemen on the island, who appreciate a sensual, playful (bed)-companion.

I am here until Sunday 30th this time round and have a couple of openings =oO left in my diary.

call me between 10am and 8pm on

07989 060653

Or email:

Sorry my Chester lovelies, but don’t cry – I’ll be back next week.

Love Cassie X
Your Chester Jersey Escort