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…parts only a woman can reach!

I had a brilliant time away with every one of you wonderful Jersey boys and look forward to our encounters next time, however after almost a week of all male company there are parts of me that have been neglected and only my girlfriends can give me that stimulation.

Open mouth with tongueUh-err – Zippers up, lads – you should know by now I’m not that kinda girl – if relief is what you want, let me do it for you, so much more fun for both of us. ;o)

The girlie action I am planning involves spreading gunk on our faces, junk in our bellies and talking trash.

It’s actually some wholesome home cooking, but that doesn’t have quite the same ring to it! Regardless we are going to have some laughs and beautify ourselves, stay up late sing, dance and be silly.

Fortified I’ll be craving testosterone fuelled action next week and hopefully the gentlemen from Bangor are primed and cocked ready to show me they can rival those Channel Island guys!

Remember advance-booking is very recommended.

But, woohoo! Girlie time first!

Love Cassie X

Your Chester Escort