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Availability this week

Most Days

10am to 8pm with 2 hours notice

All other times possible with 24 hour notice

Contact me on (24hr notice)

Or call me on…… 07989 060653 between 10am and 8pm


Love Cassie X Your Chester Escort


At last… and Availability this week

…I get a chance to write a blog post!

My walk on the beach

Beach off Saint Aubin's Promenade, late afternoon

I can’t believe I’ve been back a few days from Jersey now and for my first official tour it was great fun, the weather was changeable, but still gave me a chance to explore and wander on the beach. That is, when the lovely Jersey gents gave me the opportunity to get out of bed, lol.

The gentlemen in question were very appreciative of my services and gave me a great deal of pleasure as well as some Adultwork feedback and I am looking forward to seeing them all again in the not too distant future.

For the seasoned foodie in me there was plenty of pleasure to be had too, steaks cooked to perfection, so crisp on the outside and running red juices when cut. One night I was overjoyed when I came across a Bento bar and stuffed myself with sushi galore, another evening I treated my tastebuds to a seafood banquet to die for and finishing the trip off with a yummy KFC, LOL!

The only thing lacking was a companion to share the food with, but I love people watching and even better is watching people watching people and if all else fails, all seasoned business travellers will agree, a book can be your best friend. I had a book about the life of a young girl growing up during the American occupation in Korea I’ve wanted to read for a while, so not that bad really.

It also seems I need to make myself unavailable for a while to tempt some of my lapsed regulars out of the woodwork. ;o) Wonderful seeing you again – you know who you are! ;o)

I think I’ve caught the touring bug now, so I am looking at maps of Britain trying to decide where to go next, up north, down south or east? Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Oh a word of warning to travellers – never make jokes about cavity searches, when approaching the airport…

It didn’t go as far as a strip search, but the shoes had to come off and a butch lady in uniform got to cop a feel for free – though from her facial expression she enjoyed it even less than I did.

Well, I’m happy to be home and available next week

Monday to Friday between 10am and 8pm,

but already have some appointments, so please try and book in advance.



And please be aware that I may not be able to answer.

I also promise to post something more interesting in the next couple of days.

Love Cassie X

Your Chester Escort


Go All The Way, Availability 19th to 21st October 2010

Of course I always go all the way, but only if you want me to…

Tuesday 19th to Thursday 21st October

available with 2 hours notice from 10am to 8pm,

outside those hours available with 24 hours notice.

Call me: 07989 060 653

Or Email: (24 hours notice)

Enjoy this song released 1972 by the Raspberries (Eric Carmen), though I have to admit I think the best bit is the intro!

Love Cassie X,

Your Chester Escort


Any Which Way – Availability Week starting 11th October 2010

What can I say, just listen to the lyrics…

Ok maybe you can’t have me any which way, but there are plenty of ways to enjoy me…

So book me any day of the week with 2 hours notice or 15 min notice on Wednesday (my Incall day)

Call 07989 060653

Or email me on

Your Chester Escort,
Cassie X


Between The Sheets, Availability for Monday 4th to Friday 8th October 2010

Remember the Islay Brothers? This tune is so soft, sexy and sensual… like a caress with a silkscarf.

Imagine walking down the road singing the refrain:

♪♫♪Girl, I love the way you relieve me
Comin’ on, comin’ on strong (Comin’ on strong)
{Sweet darlin’} In between the sheets

Well, that’s what you’ll be doing when you’ve had an hour or two with me.

I am available between 10am and 8pm from Monday 4th to Friday 8th October.

As always please try to give me a minimum of 2 hours notice when you call to book me and 24 hours by email.

Mobile: 07989 060 653

I will not answer texts or with-held numbers, so don’t waste your time.


your Chester Escort
Cassie X


Feel like makin’ love? Availability for Mon 27th September to Sun 3rd October

What a silly question, when don’t I feel like making love?

And D’Angelo’s slow sensual tune definitely get’s me in the mood for some sexy moves, so come and help me get it on…

I’m available from Monday 27th September through to Sunday 3rd October from 10am to 8pm with a minimum of two hours notice and as a

Special new feature I have two Incall days Tuesday 28th and Friday 1st where you can see me within 15 min of calling me.

So Give me a call on 07989 060 653 – remember NO texts or withheld numbers

or email me at – – still 24 hour notice on emails and for appointments before of after my usual hours.

Cassie, your Chester Escort X


Let’s get physical! Availability for Tuesday 14th to Friday 17th

A pretty blonde in lycra bending over and pulsing her body in an athletic, but suggestive way. Eyecatching in the 80′, however even today one can’t resist watching and waiting (hoping) for something to pop.

So if watching Olivia Neutron bomb aka Newton John getting hot and sweaty has spurred you on, how about letting me body talk with you?

Call me on 07989 060 653 between 10am and 8pm, but please keep in mind I need a couple of hours notice

or email me 24 hours in advance to make an appointment to work out with me.

Love Cassie X

(independent escort par exellence)


I wanna sex you up! Availability for Monday 6th to Friday 10th September

Need I say more? Make an appointment and I’ll do my thing!

Nothing unusual this week, so I’m available between the hours of 10am and 8pm Monday 6th to Friday 10th.

Please call 07989 060 653 at least two hours before you want to see me
or even better call or email me at 24 hours in advance.

I can meet with you before 10am or after 8pm if you book 24 hours in advance.

Love Cassie X (your Independent Chester Escort)


Right here waiting for you – Availability Tues 31st Aug to Sat 4th Sept

Ok, a cheesy song, but I like it and as Richard Marx says, I’m right here waiting for you on the following days:

Tues 31st Aug to Sat 4th Sept between 10am and 8pm,

given 2 hours notice when you call 07898 060 653

and 24 hours notice by email

I can make myself available outside of my usual hours given at least 24 hours notice.

So don’t keep this escort waiting, book me soon! Love Cassie X


Gimme all your lovin’… Availability for Mon 23rd to Sat 28th August 2010

…all your hugs and kisses too.

The ZZs could have written that song for me.

So I’m available for hugs and kisses and more
from 10am to 8pm Monday to Saturday.

Quick reminder how to contact me:

by phone 07989 060 653 -

two hours notice please. Texts and withheld numbers will not be answered.

and 24 hours notice by email

24 hour notice please for bookings outside my normal working hour and for weekend meets.

Love Cassie X