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Hello Again!


I wonder does anyone check this blog anymore. This space that I have so woefully and seemingly unexplained abandoned.

Apologies to any regular readers, I won’t go into long excuses for my absence and for sometimes not being as available for appointments as I would have liked to be – I’ll fall back onto the good old: “It’s complicated” – and leave it at that.
You all have personal lives and families and know what trials and tribulations they can bring.

Things are a little more ‘normal’ again and I am reviving my random ramblings in the attempt to tickle the odd fancy, even if it’s just my own.

Wals rugby unionSo what has caught my roving eye recently, apart from some pert bottoms and shapely thighs – hey, it IS the Rugby World Cup! And I am sorry Scotland, as much as I love you the ‘All Blacks’ are simply mesmerising.
Scotland are out (least said the better)and Ireland and England are going home too – but Wales our fellow Celts are doing us proud! I’ll be cheering them on!

One thing that had me puzzled recently was the amount of adverts there had been asking us to nominate a person to carry the Olympic torch; from radio stations to insurance companies and banks…

It had me imagining this abundance of nominees: All these people in their little shorts and vests with their numbers pinned to their chests limbering up, stretching and checking their water bottles and energy drinks – only to line up shoulder to shoulder and pass the torch down the line. Hehehe…

Turns out only 8000 have made the cut, so running will be involved, well I think my mental image is far more amusing.

Simple minds eh?…

Love from your Chester Escort,

Cassie XX

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  1. Well I must be reading it still, at least this last post appeared in my iPad just like magic.

    I have been working in Wales. I dread going back now that England are out and the Welsh are through

  2. Aww, never mind, take it on the chin and keep cheering for Wales and you will be seen in a favourable light. Lol, we are all one big nation. ;o)

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