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Body and Mind

I don’t often remark on my encounters as escort, not because they are not worth talking about, but for one: ‘What happens in Cassie, stays in Cassie’ … erm, that doesn’t sound quite like it did in my head, but I’m sure you get the drift; and I wouldn’t want to spoil the sale potential of my future memoirs. ;oP

great brainsThe thing is, it is seldom that I meet someone who can follow, let alone outdistance my quirky, bizarre sense of humour and view of life. Over the years I have learnt to recognise the spark of confusion in my conversation partner’s eyes before it turns to panic and they start edging towards the emergency exit.

Well – I have met my match! No matter what freakish turns of the mind I took, he was right there with me, often anticipating my flights of fancy or taking a weird twist even I was not expecting.

After having such stimulating animated conversation I feared sex – the actual reason of the liaison, would be a bit of an anticlimax…

…Sooo?… what? …was what what? You want to know about the sex?

Lets just say, I made a very good impression of a Cheshire cat afterwards, complete with purr and I slept very well last night.

I have only one regret: I should have recorded our conversation, I can only remember about half of it, though in quiet moments as my mind wanders, a snippet from last night pops up and has me grinning insanely. Fine while I’m alone, but it seems to draw nervous glance in the streets of St Helier and caused quite a stir in the De Gruchy cookware department – yeah – sniggering out loud is pretty inappropriate when holding a meat cleaver.

No, I’m not going to go into why I was looking at large kitchen knives and I didn’t buy one.

Love Cassie X

You Chester Escort (at large in Jersey)


Jersey Joy! 28th Feb to 2nd March

Cassie, Independent EscortYes, I’m back in Jersey, I’m here in St Helier from Monday 28th Feb to Wednesday 2nd March.

So give me a call between 10am and 8pm to arrange for some sensual, sexy fun.

07989 060653

Remember, I don’t answer withheld number or texts


Monday – evening appointments available
Tuesday – lunchtime, late afternoon and evening
Wednesday – morning and afternoon after 1:30pm

See and feel you soon.

Love Cassie X

Your Chester Escort (at large)




Gentlemen, experience the sensual delights my men in the North West can’t get enough of.

 Tuesday 8th February - Friday 11th February 2011

Please email or call me soon, before my diary fills up

to arrange for some sexy fun and pleasure together.

07989 060653

Love Cassie X

Your Chester Escort (at large)


How to gain a husband in one easy sitting.

I had a strenuous morning, up at 7:30, breakfasted and slathered up in factor 30 and heading for the beach by 8:45.

Then the arduous task of choosing a sunny, not too windy spot with easy access to the beach bar, ably assisted by the beach guy, who earned his tip well, moving my wind break numerous times throughout the day as I chased the sun.

Of course finding the right angle towards the sun for body and book, turning regularly and the occasional foray into the surf, awakened a healthy appetite or maybe it was just greed spurred on by the tantalising aromas drifting over from the grill house.

Whichever, had me join the queue for grub and a regularly greased palm ensured I did not have to wait as Alef gave me the nod and waved me in, ahead of my fellow diners.

Happily I tucked into salad, grilled chicken and sautéed baby squid, when a sturdy, quite attractive 30ish guy plonked himself down next to me and said: ’Have they taken my plate already?’

I replied with a startled ‘pardon?’ Upon which he looked up and stared at me in non-comprehension. His wife on the table next to us looked round, because she heard him, but couldn’t see him to find him sharing my table.

His The three of us looked from one to another, then her and I burst out laughing as he hastily moved pink faced to her table and she joked that I could have him if I wanted…

The funny thing was that we look nothing alike and wore completely different outfits, so I truly must be a man magnet, that I could have gained a husband before dessert.

And if I count the waiters, local shop keepers and bar staff, who have declared themselves my holiday husbands; I should be locked up for bigamy.

His Somehow the local talent just doesn’t tempt me, handsome and charming they may be, but now that my batteries are recharged I am looking forward to going home soon and getting back to my lovely gentlemen.

I hope you have missed me and are looking forward to seeing me too.

Love Cassie X

Your Chester Escort.


Inflight little Horrors

Ok folks, it’s grumpy old woman time!

Here I am on an Airbus 320, the plane isn’t full and it’s term time – so how come I have ended up with a family with a cute, but squalling baby girl in front and in the row behind a family, with a boy, who’s post toilet routine is seriously deficient and has therefore has a rather pungent rear end.

This in itself would not be too tragic, if he sat still, instead he is rather active, jumping up and down and turning around. So between being jolted and kicked in the back and wafts of Eau D’Bum, it’s enough to put a girl off her beef jerky.

I suppose that is just as well, since the excesses of Christmas have made my Jeans rather snug – or maybe they just shrunk in the wash.

This is where I miss the corporate life style and flying business class at someone’s elses expense.

So gentlemen take pity on me, get your wallets and family jewels at the ready, because after this holiday I intend to plunge head down into action and work my little (not so) tush off and I assure you your kindness shall not go unrewarded.

Needless to say I am not available until end of next week.

Love Cassie X

Your Chester Escort


Heavenly feet! Divine!

Fish spaToday I treated myself to a toe nibbling and in this instance it was nothing sexual. Oh no, I visited one of the places popping up all over the UK, that offer pedicures by fish nibbling the dry skin of your feet.

Now gentlemen who have spent some personal time with me know how much I love and appreciate being touched, gently stroked and lightly tickled.
However there are a couple of areas that generally get slightly less attention than others; not that I am complaining, but it means I have to resort to professionals to even up the pleasure levels.

So I try to have a beauty treatment for my face at least once a month as well as a hand massage with manicure and occasionally I’ll have a foot massage – where are the foot worshipers these days?

No matter! I intend to plan in a fishy foot nibbling session every couple of weeks.

It was so exciting to slowly lower my feet into the tank full of fish, who were eagerly gathering below my soles and as soon as I broke through the surface they launched themselves at my legs and feet and latched on.

Nothing can be compared to the wonderful tingly, tickly feeling of a hundred tiny fish sucking and nibbling away at your legs and feet. The best I can describe it as the tingle from lots of tiny, very,very mild electric shocks.

Your are supposed to sit back enjoy the sensation and relax, but I was fascinated and spent the whole time watching them, gently moving my limbs from time to time and eventually spreading my toes, yielding to the persistent nudging of a couple of fish who were trying to get in-between my toes.

When my time was up I had to remove my feet slowly one by one and it was funny to see those little silver suckers holding on until the very last minute and only letting go when they were in danger of being lifted out of the water.

Some people may not take to it, but to me the sensation was divine and I know what I’ll say to anyone asking me what I want for Christmas. :)

Love Cassie X

Your Chester Escort



At last… and Availability this week

…I get a chance to write a blog post!

My walk on the beach

Beach off Saint Aubin's Promenade, late afternoon

I can’t believe I’ve been back a few days from Jersey now and for my first official tour it was great fun, the weather was changeable, but still gave me a chance to explore and wander on the beach. That is, when the lovely Jersey gents gave me the opportunity to get out of bed, lol.

The gentlemen in question were very appreciative of my services and gave me a great deal of pleasure as well as some Adultwork feedback and I am looking forward to seeing them all again in the not too distant future.

For the seasoned foodie in me there was plenty of pleasure to be had too, steaks cooked to perfection, so crisp on the outside and running red juices when cut. One night I was overjoyed when I came across a Bento bar and stuffed myself with sushi galore, another evening I treated my tastebuds to a seafood banquet to die for and finishing the trip off with a yummy KFC, LOL!

The only thing lacking was a companion to share the food with, but I love people watching and even better is watching people watching people and if all else fails, all seasoned business travellers will agree, a book can be your best friend. I had a book about the life of a young girl growing up during the American occupation in Korea I’ve wanted to read for a while, so not that bad really.

It also seems I need to make myself unavailable for a while to tempt some of my lapsed regulars out of the woodwork. ;o) Wonderful seeing you again – you know who you are! ;o)

I think I’ve caught the touring bug now, so I am looking at maps of Britain trying to decide where to go next, up north, down south or east? Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Oh a word of warning to travellers – never make jokes about cavity searches, when approaching the airport…

It didn’t go as far as a strip search, but the shoes had to come off and a butch lady in uniform got to cop a feel for free – though from her facial expression she enjoyed it even less than I did.

Well, I’m happy to be home and available next week

Monday to Friday between 10am and 8pm,

but already have some appointments, so please try and book in advance.



And please be aware that I may not be able to answer.

I also promise to post something more interesting in the next couple of days.

Love Cassie X

Your Chester Escort


Jersey Rain

I had to make some last minute changes and landed a couple of days early on this beautiful isle, so sorry if that interferes with your plans, but don’t worry, I have already fallen for the place, despite Jersey trying to shroud it’s beauty in grey clouds and rain and I am sure to return soon.

In some ways St Helier is a bit like Chester and in some ways nothing like it. From experience though I know when a town is right for me – no matter that I have much more to see. If I manage to get out of bed for long enough.

Jersey folks are definitely lovely people and know how to make visitors welcome and if tonight’s encounter is anything to go by there are true gentlemen on the island, who appreciate a sensual, playful (bed)-companion.

I am here until Sunday 30th this time round and have a couple of openings =oO left in my diary.

call me between 10am and 8pm on

07989 060653

Or email:

Sorry my Chester lovelies, but don’t cry – I’ll be back next week.

Love Cassie X
Your Chester Jersey Escort


ATTENTION PLEASE! Jersey boys get ready!


Friday 29th October to Wednesday 3rd November


I’m visiting the beautiful Channel Island of Jersey
and can’t wait to sample all the pleasures it holds.

But be gentle, it’s my first time (on Jersey)! ;o)

Please email or call me
and we can arrange for some sexy fun together.

+44 7989 060653

Love Cassie X
Your Chester Escort


A bad idea?!

When things get me down a bit I have a couple of ways of cheering myself up, the best and most effective way is to immerse myself in my work or in the absence of clients I’ll make a booty call to my f**kbuddy. If that fails I work out in a more conventional way at the gym and then relax in the spa.

Unfortunately in my current situation neither is possible, so the fallback plan comes into play. Shopping!

So I wander into Chester City Centre on a Saturday afternoon in July, which happens to also be a race day – fool, I hear you cry and you are so right!!!

The city is teeming, groups of tourists block street corners as they crowd around their guides, herds of foreign students jostle and trample over anyone who strays into their path and pushchairs or zimmer-frames seem to block every shop entrance or crush errand toes.

Worse still, the street vendors have discovered that no adolescent young male can resist the lure of a cheap vuvuzela. I suppose it is fitting that a noise reminiscent of a Rhinoceros mating call reverberates around the City, since Rhinomania* has descended upon Chester, but it has definitely put me off my latte and driven me away from my usual people watching bench.

In danger of being arrested for punching Spanish children and sodomising boys with instruments ideally shaped for this task, I flee the centre for the sanctuary of my cosy flat, a homebrewed latte and a tub of Baileys Ice Cream.

* more about Rhinomania in another post.