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Rugby on St Patrick’s Day and not an Irishman in sight!

Sorry, Ireland – I do love you, after Scotland and Wales.

Though time has prevented me from posting, as Tallulah Bankhead said, “It’s the good girls who keep diaries, the bad girls don’t have the time.”, I just had to in light of Saturday’s Six Nations Games.

Come on Scotland! Let the Italian’s have the wooden spoon to stir  their pasta with!

…and Wales?


Win of course!

Love Cassie

Your Chester Escort


11-11-11 Wow or Meh?

remembrance pooppy

Lest We Forget

Some sombre thoughts today, remembering all the brave soldiers who laid down their lives to defend their country and those who were killed as a result of following the orders they swore to obey.

As you may guess I don’t believe in ‘the war on terrorism’ I am one of those who think this was and still is all about politics, greed and saving face.

I am not going to argue about it, but this is what I believe and at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter why these brave men died, what matters is that they did – and they did so for Britain and therefore for us.

And I did hold a minute of silent reflection at 11:11.

It is quite interesting how this once in a century occurence has sparked so many different happenings and celebrations such thousands of couples getting married today, with 50 couples ‘eloping’ Gretna Green and over 5000 newly-weds in Shanghai alone.

Many births were induced so their children were born on this auspicious date, hence rocketing the number of birthdays for the future and there were of course the celebrants of their 11th birthday, with those born at 11 o’clock being extra special.

The pyramids at Giza were closed for fear of spiritual ceremonies being held and I am sure many other ‘religions’ have found reasons to make it a special event and of course Hollywood would not miss out on an opportunity like this, releasing the horror movie 11-11-11.

I could go on and on, but I won’t, lol, for me – apart for that one minute it was just a bog standard day with a couple of special clients to brighten it – you know who you are.

Love Cassie

Your Chester Escort


Latest Exercise Gadget for Men

I stumbled upon this little advert for the latest in male work-out technology:

As much as it fascinates me I have to ask if this piece of equipment is really necessary?
I would have thought given instructions for the correct and most effective positions most men would be able to replicate the exercises with whatever came to hand. ;oP

… and should any of you gents struggle, maybe I can lend a hand or two?

Happy (S)exercising

Love Cassie X

Your Chester Escort


Happy Birthday to me!

funny pic, Dog sniffs for Birthday Cake

I sure hope so!

Is it just me or does this event, obviously the most important one of the year come around fasted every time? That must be the reason why the numbers may be stacking up, but I don’t feel any different from the year before – and thank you Mum and Dad I don’t look much different either.

If I’m completely honest though first thing in the morning the spring in my step is occasionally accompanied by a creak and it takes longer to recover from a night out on the town, but you have to expect a little wear on a high quality, vintage luxury object such as me.

So today is strictly for fun and by invitation only, but fear not I’ll not be too tired to play on Friday.

Love Cassie X

Your Chester Escort


My Beautiful Bargain

A few months ago I was lucky and bought a potted orchid at a final (sell by date) reduction price of £2.50 from £10 and thought that even if the blossoms lasted a few days and the buds dropped unopened it would be a nice display on my table for a while.

To my delight it lasted weeks with all the buds coming into full bloom on both stalks.

Now the time before I had an orchid I killed it with kindness giving it a drink every time I watered my other plants and rotting its roots.
So this time I held back and now a few months on I have been rewarded with three boughs of gorgeous flowers and I just wanted to share that delight in these duller and darkening days.

candle lightOne thing I do like about the darker nights is getting out my candles again and filling my living room with magical dancing points of light and warmth and seductive scents – why, oh why did Airwick have to phase out their Vanilla & Festive Spice range…

Ah well, I’ll just have to experiment with other sensual aromas, I don’t need them to get me in the mood for loving, but it just adds that extra touch.

Love Cassie

Your Chester Escort

PS: The All Blacks are going to batter the Frenchies on Sunday, hahaha!


Wales robbed at Semi final!!!

broken heartedWals rugby union

I am heartbroken!

Wales losing is one thing, but have the chance of winning robbed by a completely wrong decision of a referee is another.

I can’t believe what happened, I am speechless.

The Welsh lads played so well!

They were so diplomatic and gracious in their interviews.

Sorry, I just don’t have the words…

Love Cassie X

Your disappointed Chester escort


Oh dear, oh dear! When will I grow up?

NEVER – me thinks.

Ok, what brought this lament on? Let me set the scene:

I have the habit of sending away for every freebie I see offered on the internet or magazines and collect vouchers like precious jewels. I nearly always forget to use the vouchers before they run out and end up throwing them in the bin (recycle) by the handful.

Freebie from TabascoAnyway, today I received a little cardboard envelope and upon opening it the leaflet told me it was a sample from Tabasco. I don’t remember sending away for it and for the last few months have preferred to use the more fiery piri-piri sauce; but hey, ‘gift horses and mouths and all that… So expecting a couple of sachets to fall into my hand, what pops out? – A miniature Tabasco bottle, exactly like the real one right down to the mini printed label!

Well, you cannot imagine my childish glee, my hand-clapping, foot-stomping excitement found me making the kind of noises normally reserved for cute babies (the non-crying kind), puppies and kittens and stroking the tiny bottle in my hand.

As a way of explaining myself I have always had a penchant for all things miniature and the closer they resemble their ‘normal’ sized cousins the better. I made myself the promise that one day I will get a large 1/12th scale doll house, which I will furnish and decorate it as the home of my dreams complete with conservatory and walled garden.

The 1/12th houseThis is one of my many retirement projects, so sadly a long time off, unless I win the lottery – but then I will have an entire room with a model village, no, a city, with a cathedral and shops, a park with a pond, a pub, of course a bawldy house and trains that run on time! Woohoo or woowoo (imitating train whistle).

Ok – back to the real world. Back to playing ‘Grown-ups’ – what a drag, but better than actually growing up, lol.

Love Cassie X

Your Chester Escort


Hello Again!


I wonder does anyone check this blog anymore. This space that I have so woefully and seemingly unexplained abandoned.

Apologies to any regular readers, I won’t go into long excuses for my absence and for sometimes not being as available for appointments as I would have liked to be – I’ll fall back onto the good old: “It’s complicated” – and leave it at that.
You all have personal lives and families and know what trials and tribulations they can bring.

Things are a little more ‘normal’ again and I am reviving my random ramblings in the attempt to tickle the odd fancy, even if it’s just my own.

Wals rugby unionSo what has caught my roving eye recently, apart from some pert bottoms and shapely thighs – hey, it IS the Rugby World Cup! And I am sorry Scotland, as much as I love you the ‘All Blacks’ are simply mesmerising.
Scotland are out (least said the better)and Ireland and England are going home too – but Wales our fellow Celts are doing us proud! I’ll be cheering them on!

One thing that had me puzzled recently was the amount of adverts there had been asking us to nominate a person to carry the Olympic torch; from radio stations to insurance companies and banks…

It had me imagining this abundance of nominees: All these people in their little shorts and vests with their numbers pinned to their chests limbering up, stretching and checking their water bottles and energy drinks – only to line up shoulder to shoulder and pass the torch down the line. Hehehe…

Turns out only 8000 have made the cut, so running will be involved, well I think my mental image is far more amusing.

Simple minds eh?…

Love from your Chester Escort,

Cassie XX


…parts only a woman can reach!

I had a brilliant time away with every one of you wonderful Jersey boys and look forward to our encounters next time, however after almost a week of all male company there are parts of me that have been neglected and only my girlfriends can give me that stimulation.

Open mouth with tongueUh-err – Zippers up, lads – you should know by now I’m not that kinda girl – if relief is what you want, let me do it for you, so much more fun for both of us. ;o)

The girlie action I am planning involves spreading gunk on our faces, junk in our bellies and talking trash.

It’s actually some wholesome home cooking, but that doesn’t have quite the same ring to it! Regardless we are going to have some laughs and beautify ourselves, stay up late sing, dance and be silly.

Fortified I’ll be craving testosterone fuelled action next week and hopefully the gentlemen from Bangor are primed and cocked ready to show me they can rival those Channel Island guys!

Remember advance-booking is very recommended.

But, woohoo! Girlie time first!

Love Cassie X

Your Chester Escort


Body and Mind

I don’t often remark on my encounters as escort, not because they are not worth talking about, but for one: ‘What happens in Cassie, stays in Cassie’ … erm, that doesn’t sound quite like it did in my head, but I’m sure you get the drift; and I wouldn’t want to spoil the sale potential of my future memoirs. ;oP

great brainsThe thing is, it is seldom that I meet someone who can follow, let alone outdistance my quirky, bizarre sense of humour and view of life. Over the years I have learnt to recognise the spark of confusion in my conversation partner’s eyes before it turns to panic and they start edging towards the emergency exit.

Well – I have met my match! No matter what freakish turns of the mind I took, he was right there with me, often anticipating my flights of fancy or taking a weird twist even I was not expecting.

After having such stimulating animated conversation I feared sex – the actual reason of the liaison, would be a bit of an anticlimax…

…Sooo?… what? …was what what? You want to know about the sex?

Lets just say, I made a very good impression of a Cheshire cat afterwards, complete with purr and I slept very well last night.

I have only one regret: I should have recorded our conversation, I can only remember about half of it, though in quiet moments as my mind wanders, a snippet from last night pops up and has me grinning insanely. Fine while I’m alone, but it seems to draw nervous glance in the streets of St Helier and caused quite a stir in the De Gruchy cookware department – yeah – sniggering out loud is pretty inappropriate when holding a meat cleaver.

No, I’m not going to go into why I was looking at large kitchen knives and I didn’t buy one.

Love Cassie X

You Chester Escort (at large in Jersey)